Physicscosmos.com is the largest Online Library for Solved Problems for Undergraduate and Graduate physics. It coves NET, GATE, TIFR, JAM, JEST, JNU, GRE and others.



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  1. “About Us | Physicscosmos.com” truly makes me personally imagine a tiny bit more.
    I actually enjoyed each and every single component of this post.
    Thanks for your time -Ima

  2. beautiful website, it covers very good problems of quantum mechanics and electromagnetism.give more and more problems and solution, so that it will be easy for poor students to learn more, since they cannot afford to go for coaching classes for preparation of net/gate/jest.

  3. sir this site is very usefull and one more thing please provide more csir and gate solved problems. thanks to physics cosmos

  4. Dear Sir, this site is very useful to understand the problems and good solution for all physics competitive exams. please provide me more csir net problem solutions.

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